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Premises Liability Defense

When a person sustains injury on the premises of another (residential or commercial), the premises is exposed to claims that a dangerous condition or defect caused this injury. These situations can expose the insurer that issued a policy on the property to an immense amount of risk. It is not uncommon for an inadequately defended case of this nature to return a verdict or settlement of millions of dollars.

The attorneys of Anselmi Mierzejewski Ruth & Sowle P.C., are focused on helping insurers avoid these massive and unfavorable resolutions. We always strive to keep costs as contained as possible for our insurance defense clients. During the more than two decades since the formation of our firm in Bloomfield Hills, we have successfully defended insurers in premises liability cases involving a wide range of situations.

Effective Accident Defenses in Michigan

We are well-versed in the laws of all the states in which we practice and fully understand all of the defenses available to our clients. Two of the most common defenses we effectively raise include:

Open and obvious danger: We look for the facts that determine an obvious danger caused the accident. If this was what happened, our premises liability defense lawyers file a summary disposition motion to get the case dismissed.

Notice: If a client did not have notice of a dangerous condition, he or she cannot be held liable for the injuries that condition caused.

No matter what circumstances led to an injury, we conduct an in-depth investigation to uncover all of the facts. Our keen discovery techniques and trial skills work in conjunction to obtain the most favorable result for our clients as early as possible.

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