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First-Party Automobile Defense

Although Michigan’s no-fault laws originally focused on helping those hurt in accidents, today the law is used as a tool to obtain exorbitant payments from insurance companies. Plaintiffs’ attorneys take the fact that fault does not need to be established to extremes in order to seek compensation far beyond what is commensurate with the actual injuries at issue in a case. They often seek lifetime benefits, which can cost an insurance company tens of millions of dollars in a single claim.

At Anselmi Mierzejewski Ruth & Sowle P.C., we are well-aware of the tactics that plaintiffs’ attorneys try to use against insurance companies. Having practiced insurance defense since 1988, we know how to mount an effective defense that counters these tactics and contains costs for our clients. Our practice is trial-oriented — this involves in-depth preparation and piercing discovery at every stage of a case. Often, our methods will lead to a case being dismissed or to an early and favorable settlement for our clients.

Our Michigan lawyers have a track record of success, and we are known in the insurance community as powerful and knowledgeable advocates. In addition to fully understanding the nuances of Michigan’s unique no-fault law, we are available to consult on cases in other jurisdictions with similar no-fault statutes.

Property Loss And No-Fault

Claims for property loss are connected to no-fault claims if a motor vehicle accident results in damage to tunnels, telephone poles, embankments or other property surrounding the scene of the accident. These situations raise questions about which carrier has the priority for payment of property damage claims. We look carefully at the facts to determine whether or not our clients have this priority or whether another company should be held responsible.

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